The Cadet Program

The mission of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is to provide the youth of our nation a quality program that enhances their leadership skills through an interest in aviation, and simultaneously provide services to the United States Air Force and the local community. Commanders are responsible for conducting the cadet program in accordance with this regulation. Common sense and good judgement will be exercised in appointing qualified senior members to work with cadets. The cadet program permits every cadet to:

  1. Participate in a variety of special activities and programs
  2. Develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for understanding aerospace principles, and the total impact of air and space vehicles upon society
  3. Learn self-discipline through study of leadership practices and military training
  4. Understand and appreciate the moral issues of our time through discussion and debate
  5. Become and remain physically fit through a physical fitness program

Program Elements

Although program elements may vary from squadron to squadron, the following elements most likely will be incorporated into the cadet program:

  1. Moral leadership forum
  2. Cadet physical fitness training
  3. General safety briefing
  4. Aerospace education
  5. Operations/emergency services
  6. Leadership
  7. Laboratory
  8. Testing

Through study and performance, cadets work through a series of achievments. As cadets progress, they may receive ribbons, certificates, and eligibility for nationally sponsored special activities, or eligibility to apply and compete for academic and flight scholarships. An increase in grade recognition that the individual is capable of accepting increased responsibility.


Regular and active participation in the local unit is required.


Potential cadets may apply to join the cadet program at any time by completing the formal application for membership using the CAPF 15, or Application for Cadet Membership in the Civil Air Patrol. The initial membership fee includes the cost of texts and study materials required for the initial part of the cadet program. The new cadet should print out the application and bring it with him/her to the Civil Air Patrol - Jamestown Squadron 402 meeting located at the Jamestown/Chautauqua County Regional Airport Thursday nights from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The squadron commander will complete the application and have it sent into CAP HQ in Alabama for processing.

Cadets are officially members of CAP when HQ CAP/LMM has processed their application and their name appears on the national cadet database. Headquarters will send the new member the Phase I and Phase II study material packet and CAPF 59-1, Phase I and II Certification. This form will be placed in the cadets personnel record until phase completion.


Each achievement in the cadet program will be completed in sequence. Cadets can complete the first achievement any time after joining. All other achievements require a minimum of 60-day separation between completion of each of the achievements. The Mitchell Award can be completed after 18 months from their join date; Earhart Award can be completed 18 months from the cadets join date, the Eaker award can be completed 38 months after their join date, and the Spaatz award can be completed 38 months from thier join date.

The Cadet Super Chart progression can be viewed by clicking this link. An overview of the progression chart is displayed in the table below. Locate the phase the cadet is currently in. Locate the achievement they are currently working on, then follow the achievement vertically to overview the requirements needed to obtain that achievement.

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